One email from Ukraine…

E-mail from one of the girl who lives in Ukraine.

Below is part of the e-mail that I received from Ukrainian girl. I did not find this girl Anastasiadate site :) It is here as I got it I removed only the beginning and the end of personal things.

about site its agencys in all big cites of ukraine , in my regione is too. its very bad site with girls and women who not seach husband and not want serious relations . this agency  anastasiadate  offers work for ukraininian girls . i not know how many this girls earn every months , but its their work , and you must pay for all , for messages , video chat , or buy for this girls gifts , and girls have % from this , i saw announcement on street in Lugansk about this works . And if you meet with so girl in real life , she have only 1 purpose to get from you more money and presents , because its their work , so girls learn lie , how too get more money from you , she can said that her mother died or that she need sell flat for come to you and you need pay tax for sell near 15000$ , i not know what yet they say for get money or present , but on this site only beautiful girls who looks how models , and real models too , and its their work , only maybe 1% girls from this site can marry you or want serious relations and  only if you will be very rich. i know it because i live in ukraine , and of course men from other countrys believe for this girls and spend on this girls money and hope to get marriage with so model girl . about second site i not hear nothing but i openned and saw too only model girls , maybe its too so site . you must understand that on real date site girls have photos from real life , only some girls from profesional photosession , on anastasiadate girls when begin work get free profesional photosesion and there can work only model beauty girls , all it for get more money , i not know details . but there only dolls , and not real women , even if you find woman 45 years , she will be look real how doll .not how women from real life , not spend money on so stupid sites where you never find wife .

I saw on that I was believed to advertise Anastasiadate competitors…
Fortunately, one girl from Ukraine sent me an even better dating site … and this is absolutely free.
They  will certainly not pay me anything. Their website does not provide paid services … there you can find over 35.000 ladies from Ukraine and Russia … You can chat with them via Skype completely free of charge …

Why pay for something unauthentic, if real is free …

A few tips from girl e-mail: ”

i was register on this date site . its serious site , but on all date sites  many swindlers (its girls who not seach serious relations ,they ask only  to send money  and after you never see her- its their so work)  because will be the careful. many men said about scammers girls . because when i asked money on way i musted go on my money ,  men not trust girls on site , and i understand them because real many girls scammers, you can too read about it on site. if you will be wanted meet with woman you can buy for her online ticket and send by email ,if she ask money and not agree that you buy ticket its mean that she need only money and when you send you can more never see her . its my advice to you .
never planning meeting after 1-2 weeks chat , if you like woman you must before meeting good know her ,chat must will be 3 or more weeks , if you real want find serious woman for serious relations , i think if you find right serious woman , you can even marry soon .
all its rules because on this site only girls from ukraine and russia who seach men from other country .

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  1. kieran bellew

    Today I google imaged searched two girls I have been chatting to. One described herself as an unmarried architect, her English was excellent. On following the trail her image gave I found her resume showing her to be five years older than I previously thought, not an architect but a typist, and married. The other claimed to be a dance student, single, non drinker, non smoker, and willing to move abroad to be with a maturer man. I followed her trail easily enough to another (social) site to find nigh on every picture of her was constantly smoking-cigarettes and cannabis- drinking the full range of alcoholic beverages. all with her husband/boyfriend. Neither was she a student. Two out of two ain`t bad huh?


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