Is Anastasiadate a fraud or a scam?

I do not take a stand for or against the Anastasiadate, and if it would be a scam or fraud. I will just tell the facts … it is.

All the facts are based on only my personal experience, the things that I have heard of girls, with what I’ve seen in Ukraine and have seen on various internet sites.

If you have not yet purchased the “credits” you can congratulate yourself, by reading this you can save thousands of dollars. If you have purchased … you might be comforted to hear that you’re not the only one.

Anastasiadate does not pay for girls … but the ladies ‘agencies’ pay. I can’t claim that all agencies would pay, but the girl whom I met in Kiev told me that all the girls will get money from the correspondence. She told that when a customer would pay 100 dollars to the girl gets 100 in local currency (approx. 10%). I am pretty sure that Anastasiadate has denied this in the agreements with the agencies … but accidents might occur …
Which one is easier to believe: Anastasiadate, which wants to tell you that it was just bad luck, or that girl who explained to me for two days how Anastasiadate works…

When I used Anastasiadaten “services”, it happened as follows:
I changed numerous letters with one of the girls. When I believed, I was in love with her, I wanted to call her. Absence of any other alternative, I used Anastasiadate‘s “Call me” -service. The call costed me about 60 USD. A little later, I found out that the girl whose photographs were on profile, was not written me letters nor talked with me on the phone.
The following is a quote from an email, which I got the right girl (Her English language is even worse than mine …sorry):

And  director of this site decided that would be nice if with you talking
 is translater when I work  on my job. I don't know nothing at first, but 
when I found this,  I could not do anything because she said that  will 
write to you. Letters written to you a translater, and chatting with you to she.

That’s just a short quote, but became abundantly clear from the e-mails, that she had not written the letters, chatted with me or talked with me on the phone. When she writes “director of this site”, she does not mean Anastasiadate director, but her agency director. I paid hundreds of dollars to Anastasiadate… Is this a scam or a fraud?

Anastasiadate is by no means the only so called dating site, which uses agencies. Some agencies serve at the same time a number of sites. Another bad example of so called dating site is the Find-bride. When one girl was about to get fired Anastasiadate website, she introduced me to this “better” site. The site is not any better, but this revealed to me that both use the same agency. How do I know this? The girl, who introduced the site to me, was at the same time video chat with me on the both sites. :)

What are these agencies?

The short answer: these are the little helper of the Sites, such as Anastasiadate. These agencies can be found in almost every city in Ukraine. These agencies are the girls’ employers. They are looking for girls job by search sites and by newspaper ads. Example from site

Jobs: Jobs and registration in dating (Zhytomyr, Donetsk, Ukraine)

Job requirements / information about jobs:

We offer language practice and work dating for online chats and correspondence! Without sex! We guarantee a high income and flexible schedule! All you expect creativity, civility, sociability, diligence, your desire to work and earn money!
Communication via the Internet.
You can work from home. What is required of a girl?
1. Age of 18 (with a copy of the front page of the passport).
2. Knowledge of English.
3. The ability to use a computer. Please send your resume via the form ” Send CV “, indicating in the subject line the position for which you are applying (Resume for your job: Working and recording in dating )

And another:


Work: Perervodchik a dating agency (Odessa, Nikolaev)

  • Company:
  • City:
  • Salary:
  • Schedule:
  • Education:
  • Experience:
  • Position:
  • Dream of you
  • Odessa , Nikolaev
  • 8000 UAH
  • telework
  • secondary education
  • no work experience / basic
  • Perervodchik a dating agency






Job requirements / information about jobs:

International dating service “Dream of you” offers you a convenient and quality service. Do you want to safely arrange his personal life? We can help you achieve those desires. You will be able to communicate and meet interesting people from all over the world. Organize a free photo shoot for clients, promotional videos, high-quality translation services. We will help you achieve the desired result
, we also offer work a marriage agency as a translator. We provide:
+ the highest paid in comparison to other agencies
+ flexible working hours
+ stable employment
+ bonus system to encourage the best employees
+ work in a comfortable office in the city center or at home
+ work schedule of 4 hours per day,
you will receive compensation in accordance with amount of work done, the calculation of weekly cash. Automatic accounting system accurately calculates the number of hours worked. You can always find out how much is earned to date.
invite marriage agencies from all cities of Ukraine to cooperate on the program website:
- Anastasia
- Hanuma
- Dream Marriage
- Foreign Affair
- Charming
- Unona
- Natasha Club
General wishes to applicants:
- knowledge English at Level Intermediate
- communication skills
- hard work and willingness to work
Preferring marriage agency «Dream of you», you open new prospects for your future!
If you are interested in cooperation with our agency, please contact us by phone +38093-63- Oksana 100-59 or send resume to make an application . Territorial job: Working at home Please send your resume via the form ” Send CV “, indicating in the subject line the position for which you are applying (Resume for your job: Perervodchik a dating agency )

What do these girls´ employers receive? Below is the offer of Hanuma to the agencies:

Dear Colleagues!

If you would like to participate in our affiliate program, fill in the form

Web-site belongs to the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd. This web-site was created especially for foreign men who wish to find a wife from one of the countries of the Eastern Europe. Posting profiles of your female clients to our web-site you will help your ladies to find a life partner from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Helping your clients you also get a chance to earn money: services of our agency are paid by men and each agency that becomes our affiliate and posts women’s profiles to our web-site gets commission for e-mail forwarding, translation of letters, delivery of photos and gifts, organization of personal tours in their city.

Getting registered in our partnership program you get paid for :
- profile registration – you get $0,75-1,25 for every activated profile (your commission for activation depends on quality and quantity of photos uploaded to profile);
- correspondence – you get $3,00 – 3,70 for every reply from a lady (commission for replies depends on the time it takes a lady to reply a letter and whether she has a video clip uploaded to her profile), $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
- photo-exchange – you get $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
- chats and video-chats – you get 0,25 cent for every second of the chat, 0,50 cents per every second of video-chat when one-way streaming is turned on (when a man watches video-streaming from lady’s web-cam or vice versa), 0,75 cent for every second of video-chat with two video-streams (when both a man and a woman have their web-cams turned on wghile chatting);
- organization of conference calls – you get $5 for every conference call with one of your ladies (technical organization and translator are paid by us);
- video-clips – you get $0,12-1 each time a man views video of your lady (commission for video clips depend on the quali6ty and length of a video-clip);
- gift delivery – you get $5 for every fact of delivery, plus earn on buying gifts;
- organization of personal meetings – you get commissions for organizing personal meetings between your ladies and our customers, plus have possibility to earn on delivering interpreter services.

If you want to join our partnership program REGISTER HERE.

Some sites pay by far better … 

Are all Ukrainian dating sites bad?

I can no longer recommend to you a site Elena’s Models. All opinions and reviews on the site are from the period before the reform.

If you want to know why it is better than Anastasiadate read: Are all Ukrainian dating sites bad?

My personal opinion just cheat.

BTW don’t forgot to chare your story at


24 thoughts on “Is Anastasiadate a fraud or a scam?

  1. Sheldon

    I lost all my savings and my wife. These girls are trained to empty your bank account. They will tell you what you want to hear, its their job !!! But be warned, this site is not cheap and you will be drained very fast.

  2. Jonathan

    If what you are saying guys is true, it is sad to see how girls can play with our feelings like that. These girls are all RELIGIOUS. If they are playing with us, they will pay for that one day as it is hard to see that we guys, we are trying to find a good girl, and they are just playing with us. It is a shame. I have not yet spent money on this site, but I am on the point to do it. Now I read all what you said, I will not do it. For the CAMSHARE, there is no audio, this means that they don’t want the girl to give us there mobile phone number, skype account, email address etc. It is a shame… gains per year is 112 millions dollars. They make profite a lot. How can they do that??? Those girls, they will pay for that afterwards if ALL OF THEM are playing with us…How can girls do that???? They said they are looking for the right person as in Russia men are COMPLETELY SHIT and then they play with us only to be paid afterwards. Why does the police do not that business??? Because they are stealing men thousands of dollars. GIRLS ON ANASTASIADATE.COM, RUSSIANBIRDES ETC, sincerely you will pay for that if ALL THIS IS TRUE.

    1. dan

      to delete profile! Just send letter to customer service ask them to delete. if not call the number and ask them! tell them why and what you know and websites you read of that tells how bad they are!

  3. Jonathan

    I have been on the Anastasia site for some while corresponding with one woman. I did not lose a lot of money, but after I sent her a present for her birthday with my email address, she was trying to keep me online. She was obviously scamming me for her own benefits. They all have a confirmed profile and a so called anti scam policy in place, but they never mention this type of scam on their site; they know it but ignore it for profit reason. One girl on the site confirmed my question about this subject after we closed our online chat, with a clear pop-up answer: ‘it is true’. They can’t be honest about this subject, otherwise they will be abandoned by their local agent and/or Anastasia management. After asking questions about this type of scamming, they just ignore your questions about this subject.

  4. Mike Jones

    I’ve had the Anastasia date experience and wen to Ukraine on a date. It’s a scam. They’ll break your heart for a buck. is their facebook in russia. Find the girls by birthday and city, name. Make yourself a fake profile posing as a girl with a girl’s photos etc and talk to the woman you want to talk to b4 telling them you exist. The girls will block you on that site even if you talked for months; especially if you talked to them for months. I think in their mind they view themselves as a cheater but to keep from feeling bad they think you are rich scum so they shouldn’t feel bad to cheat you. I am still friends with the girl I went in person but I am only her friend with my fake profile because she blocked the real me. I even got asked by one of the agencies if I would join there site to make money…..the were recruiting for dream marriage. Here’s the email in russian but it bascially says come work scamming guys in a marriage agency. It can be translated in google. Привет ты очень красивая девушка.Я предлагаю тебе стать клиенткой нашего брачного агенства и получать ежемесячный процент процент от своей переписки.Мы сделаем тебе фото сессию с проф визажем и диск с фото тебе в подарок.Мы работаем со многими сайтами.Ты можешь зайти и посмотреть что это уважаемы и серьезный сайт.Переписка на нем платная для мужчин и мы как агенство получам процент за перевод писем от мужчин девушкам из этих денег мы плати нашим клиенткам девушкам процент. В месяц выходит в среднем девушки получают 3000-5000 гр.Встречаться с иностранцами не обязательно.Так многие девушки зарабатывают и мы им высылаем через Приват банк зарплате ежемесячно на карточный счет. Давай я тебе все подробно расскажу по телефону, напиши мне пожалуйста свой номер

    1. Diana

      I will translate it just for thank you. Hi, you are a fab looking girl. I have an offer for you; would you like work with our dating agency and receive monthly commissions for corresponding with clients? We will organise a photo session with prof make up and give you a disc as a present (which young, vain and maybe broke girl wouldnt go for it- my remark, further MR). We do business with many sites. You can visit and check for yourself, its a highly reputable and serious site. Corresponding bears certain fees, paid by the gents, so we,as agency, receive fixed percentage for the translated letters from men to girls; ladies receive their share of this money(now tell me its not a wh..rehouse and the guy is not a pimp? MR). On average girls receive around 3000-5000 hryvnas (300-500$ MR). You do not necessarily have to meet foreigners face to face. This way many girls making their living (sleazy pimp! MR) ; we transfer their money every month into a salary card account with PrivatBank (biggest private bank of Ukraine with branches in Russia MR). I can tell you everything on the phone, give me your number, please
      OMG, I know that my translation is far from perfect, but the original smells even worse. Looks like the guy who wrote it is of someOriental descent.

  5. Jake Johnson

    Yes, I too have been taken in and have spent money and have been to Ukraine to meet ladies who, for some strange reason, could not schedule the time to meet me. Turns out the agency WAS ABLE to schedule some ladies to meet me that I was NOT interested in. What a joke. Lying and thieving, fraudulent jerks! It is indeed electronic affection. It is not real. I might as well have spent my money on a massage parlor so I could have at least gotten something for my money instead of throwing it away.

  6. Thomas

    HaHa I was taken in also and wasted a lot of money communicating with ladies via Asian Beauties, I chose ladies nearer my own age because I thought they would be more genuine, wrong!! I spent a lot of time trying to exchange e mail addresses and cell phone details, dumbo !!, I eventually realised I was being duped. I still use the sites but for fun now, I will buy the minimum amount of credits and choose the most unlikely partner, probably an 18 or 19 year old, I am in my 60′s and talk dirty until the credit runs out, a favourite line is ” would you like an old man in your knickers” I would say that 80% to 90% are happy to play along, very few log off, what does that tell you!! I really like to use cam to see the reaction to the most outragious thing I can think of to say but my credit don’t last long then. I think you need to realise what these sites are, and use them as such, but be aware they are not cheap

    1. Michael Post author

      Never even buy credits for fun! You are just helping this terrible company exist! If you want to talk dirty. Here is better site for you: mfc
      There you can chat with the young and beautiful women completely free of charge.
      And these women are prepared to give absolutely everything… A guest, you can not necessarily speak for all chat rooms, but registration is completely free of charge. If you want to have fun with these women on skype … It is often less expensive than a normal chat Anastasiadate site.
      WARNING! Site may contain very adult material.

  7. Dan

    Sorry to say, what is posted on this website, is so true and correct. I to was stupid enough to believe in Anastasiadate and traveled to the Ukraine twice. Yes, as said above the ladies are very real, you can spend you money and meet them they are real, yes you will meet them. Is it real? No, it is not! It is electronic affection. Half of the ladies are webcam whores also, no kidding there.

    I was told of this by good people on the ground while I was in country that it is what they people call dirty work! Many lies and more lies you will be deceived! Anastasia prides it’s self on a anti scam policy. The policy is scam! So yes they are very happy in their anti scam policy! They are making piles of money!

    When one has trouble and uncovers the scam, you will send notice to customer service! What happens? They will start making confusing arbitrations and not cover the real issue. Then post your issues like here and else where. Rip off report is a good place to read of real life issues with this bad stuff!

    Think about this? Why would you wish to travel and take a chance on meeting someone that is not the same culture as you? Why would you wish to take the chance on finding out of their true intent, are they looking to come to your country just to use you as a way there? Yes, the ladies are beautiful in these countries, they take pride in their appearances and they are lady like.

    In the USA there are more single ladies then there is in total population in the entire Ukraine. Ukraine is the size of Texas. There is roughly 58 million people there, the country is what I would not call modern at all! It suffers from the tyranny of communism from all the years it was under control. It is not third world by any means but damn close.

    What does a Eastern European lady have to offer a western man? Ok, let’s think about this! They can cook, they can have babies and most likely want to be a stay at home wife! Now, what is your financial status? Can you yourself be the soul bread winner? Some of us happen to make too much damn money and then there are those that do not. What about culture?

    What does a American lady have to offer? They can cook, they can have babies and they would also like to be a stay at home mother if they could! But they realize that they need to also work to make a family work.

    While I was in country last couple of times I made friends there in Ukraine. I am telling you stay away from any and all dating sites that ask you to pay to chat with chat bots! They are basically high class escorts, electronic affection and they are not real at all.

    I made my proofs made known, played the Anastasia date customer support thing and was just put out to pasture! I also made contact direct with this Gregory at this company and made my story known. Nothing else ever came of it and never had his reply! So this is why I am posting this here!

    If you are on Adate! Chatting to lady! Take her name and age and city! Go to do a search for her! Then make profile and try to friend her there! What do you think will happen? She will dis you like a leper!

    To read more about this crazy bunch of garbage that these companies do, go check out! He once worked for these terrible places and has real things to educate you with there! It shows A.F.A. involved in prostitution and underage porn!

    Remember ladies get paid, it is true!

    Stay with the ladies of your country! They are what built it with you! No free ride imports!

  8. Aussie man

    I have to agree with most comments.
    Yes I have been sucked in spending thousands of dollars.
    Until I met the one lady ! Our first chat she took me to Skype.
    I felt. Had met the real thing. But coming close to our meeting she sent me a letter telling me that she got offered by Anastasia to earn money for chats etc.
    Which she accepted , she told me to support her mum and dad.
    But we will meet this week.
    I also speak to a very beautiful 24 year old on Skype and she works for Anastasia . She is the only lady out of many that old me that do you think we are interested in 40 plus men. So my last cha in Skype she told me she is not looking for a man and her boyfriend has been writing romantic letters for two years ……?
    But I will meet some ladies next week and see , I have a very good nterpreter who has lady contacts that ar serious so his is where I will head.

  9. George

    Hello Every One.

    I want too share with you my opinion and experience what do I have with AnastasiaDate. I want to say I’m 26 years Old I been modeling in London for 2 years I do speak fluen in Polish(similar to Ukrainian and I speak GOOD Russian as well!!) The story is real I been on website from November 2012. I did contact only one lady at beginning I hoped she is the one(LOL) we agree for meeting etc when I flew to Odessa on monday we should meet on 5 pm she change date for last day of my trip friday 3h before my plane suprise I been 4 days there and she was always busy!!! But the best part start after meeting be careful guys, When I back to London she said she was so happy meeting me we exchange mails and phone numbers. SO after one week on chat when we talked I asked her maybe we can keep contact by skype or mail (I know f…. RUssian) she denided even she didnt response my mails on gmail. I found her on VK (she not accepted friend request) and others date website when I asked about it she told me that she want stay as friends I been disapoint and in shock but what you can do if one of site dont want continue. After 2-3 days she wrote to me on mail that she want talk on chat(anastasia chat of coursce) When I contact her she start say about hard situation her doubts that I’m far away etc.(I can understand that every one have doubts) So I did continue talking with her for 3 months she didnt want use mails only website we meet 2nd time in may guess what when i flew she change date time again but now 1 day before my fly :) WHen we meet was great she was nice easy going smiling when i asked her can we meet next day she said I will thinking and let me know. Next day I got mial that she will move with mother to new apratment and after go to work (lol it was 9 of may victory day in Ukraine Bankholiday). What I could do when I said next day on chat to her if she want continue that she said yes but I told her if you want be with me you need quite website she of course say “I cant not untill I know we are really together” then I said we can keep contact only by comunicators GoogleTalk skype we did 3 days!!! Then she stop talking to me but I see her oftern on website.

    I meet other lady I didnt say i know russian the meeting was great but always want go with interpreter for waht she even didnt translate even my whole words!!!(she transalte 50% maybe she was morron and forget rest?) We meet 3 times for 3h each day (60$ for interpreter each day, well recompensed) Every morrning they order in restaurant food and drinks for 600-700 UAH (what ever I dont care much about money I’m not rich but its not big deal for me) In 4th day she wanted meet me alone I was happy and suprise guess what she take my to trip around Odessa shopping trip when i didnt bought nothing to her she was disapoint after 1h go home )))

    Now funny part of this story and some advice for you gentlemen if you really need that website.I never said it but I have few friends in Odessa from London and they helped me understood the situation.
    So lets start about scams:
    1. People in Ukraine work 50-60+ h a week most of them to 24h shifts and 24h off. WHen they have time to chat you!?
    2.Look when lady is online on chat mostly is around 24:00-7:00 Ukrainian time. (check time different i think is -+8h to USA)
    Do you think she sit whole night and wait for you special? WHen she need go to work for 10h at morning? Wake up!
    3.Do not talk with ladys with out camre share I know its some % but its make you more sure do the test (Say some joke if you are not funny guy say something stupid and look on her how she act if noting run away if she say or look bad after it say sorry and keep going)
    4.If you are in Ukraine people in hotel are so nice talk to them but no about dateing website no one tell you shiet! Just talk about life how they life in this country.(you will understand alot more all people speak english so dont worry)
    5.If she is so nice for you on chat and said she want be with you ask you friend or some one to talk with her as well if she is same for him with passion love etc bla bla stay away!!
    6.Ask her why she is looking for man abroad if the answer is because Ukrainian Men drink, lazy or not honest PLEASE who not drink ? Who will be not tired after 60+ h of handwork!! I have few friends from London in Ukraine and its all bullshiet!
    7.You think lady 20+ Years old will want man 50+ ? What you can offer her really? Love ? Passion? Good conversation? Wake up in Ukraine is many handsome young men etc. So its maybe about sex? I dont think so Oh yes money and passport :))) Yes this is it.

    Oh I remember I had phone number too 1st lady when we talked i try call her or send sms suprise she even didnt say nothing on chat that she get sms or call from me. WHen i asked her did you get my message on phone she answer no but Apple got “Imessages” with report that sms was delivered ;) Dirty trick )

    Happy End.
    I’m right now with Ukrainian lady with I meet in Odessa she started to me when I sit in park and drink coffe. She live with parents and sister in 1 bedroom flat like most people they are not rich they work for life that it. SHe study at morning after universtity is going to work for 8h as cleaner!(when she can use website?) But i spend with her 4 amazing days we keep contact by skype, phones mails! She never asked me for any cent! We planed go together for holiday now.

    So Ukrainian ladys are amazing Yes you can find your dream woman Its true but not on website…sorry! If you are Adult man 40+ find lady 30+ no more then 10 years different what you will do with younger?. You dont speak Russian? So talk with lady who speak simple, do not think some one will learn for you english even if she will want it take years can you wait so long?? My advice go there talk with people be nice man smile if lady like you she give you know that and dont dream on website beauty because she is already takken!!!

    1. Mike

      Great advice, spot on. Once you go to Ukraine, you realize that half the people are cultural rapscallions and the other half are great. You will never really meet a good one on dating site. Ukraine can be a very enjoyable place where living and vacationing is not very expensive. Come to Ukraine to enjoy the place and the rest will fall into place. Stay away from dating sites. A former client of mine owned ine. They are all fraudulent and all the Ukrainians know this and laugh.

  10. Ollie

    All you people who are scammed by Anastasiadate why don’t you dispute the transactions with your credit card company. Believe me that you will be refunded. All these women are paid to interact. There is so much poverty in Ukraine you have no idea about. These girls actually do this for almost USD 300 per month. Once you have their contact details they will still not speak in person. And the funny part is that most of these women don’t have personal computers at home. I travel to Ukraine for business and speak decent Russian.

    Most of these girls are not interested in meeting and marrying a foreigner. In fact they like the loser men from their country a lot. And they are drug addicts and women beaters.

    Meet a woman at a bar and she has approached you for free drinks. These women are really fake.

    My advise is dispute the transactions with your credit card companies and threaten to sue

  11. Walter

    After spending several months and hundreds of dollars writing to several girls, I booked a trip to Kiev to meet 6 of them. Imagine my suprise when none of the showed up for our date. When I contacted them through the agency, each claimed to be sick (or did not respond at all). Save your money and time!

    1. Rich

      I wrote to a girl on Anastasia date. I met her….but GUESS WHAT… she “was not” the girl I wrote to.
      She used another girls identity and photos. She was a different person ( 10cm less than the person I was writing to) . ( She was using a false identity) . That was clear Fraud…..and no help came after my complaint . Be careful everyone. They mix genuine with scam, to keep the party going. They exploit sincerity and desire to live in family concepts. Many Humans can’t be trusted. The internet should be policed for fraud. People in Ukraine are truly quite nice….it’s a shame about the agencies.
      It’s the haven for liars and cheats………..not just from Ukraine ——but EVERYWHERE….they hide and cheat on the internet. We need a new internet one that guarantees true identity. Too many persons are getting hurt by false identity users. ( there are no laws and no consequences)….who stalk their innocent prey and hide behind a no accountability internet or no true identity validation internet. It’s the perfect place for liars and cheats… all countries…..not just Ukraine. And no one warns us clearly!! No one protects us. The internet though wonderful and great, a wonder of the world, is dangerous, due to SPY software and some very bad person here . Thanks for your posts.

  12. Theunis

    I concur totally with the author, it is my opinion that much of the correspondance is fake and without merit. It is as I assumed, my thought was always that the girls get paid. I have even made contacts with a girl that told me me that i shuld leave the site as its not all true.

    Sorry guys, but i think we have been taken for a ride.

    Better luck next time

  13. Jeremy Gregory

    what the hell are you talking about? Do you mean anastasia date is a fake site,that the girls on the site are not real at all and they are stealing our money???? this is a FRAUD?

    1. Michael Fox Post author

      The site is certainly real :) The girls are real :) but is it enought? If you think that it makes sense to be in correspondence with a person who gets paid for it… you are just in the right place AnastasiaDate site. If AnastasiaDate site should be compared to something, right metaphor would be a brothel … There too the beautiful women are most interested in you, and even for the same reason :) If AnastasiaDate site markets itself dating brothel … then everything would be right, in my opinion. But the current situation is in my opinion, just a scam.

      1. Jeremy Gregory

        Are kidding???Those girls are getting paid to be in correspondance with us?that’s exactly what you said,which means that i was right this is a fraud they are stealing peoples money without any doubt. the girls send you some sort of letters in which they tell you,that they like you very much and that they would like to meet you or what ever crap like this. but in the end they d’ont want to meet you they just want you to spend your dollar$$$ then they disappear you d’ont see them again,this is a fkn scam as you said. i wont waste time and money on this shit anymore THX.

        1. dan


          Jeremy Gregory,

          It is a scam/fraud. I personally know a lady that was approached by this vile machine to work for. She declined stating to me that she would not work that many hours for such little pay. or any other dating site that charges you money is not real. It is known by the locals as dirty work. The general populace of Ukraine are good people. Sign up on and just meet Ukraine ladies there. If you are looking you should look no younger then ten years your age. I hear stories of sixty year olds chasing twenty year olds on what girl would talk to old man? None, it is about gifts and money from chat. I would think if you are serious in lady to look to Russia, Ukraine ladies have given real ladies a black eye.

          If you will read from all about ladies and There is this man Gregory from this company that was trying to reverse damage inflicted by peoples experiences and what they posted there! You will not see once what’s so ever this putrid dating site coming forward and either making good with former clients I read some place that their service made a rich guy pissed, the kind of dude that could run commercials and wreck them over night. But they are fake, not real liars this site. They do not care about anything but profit. If this site was taking money from ladies, this would have ended long ago!

          Save your heart, save your money! If you look around you will find good ladies, not on ADATE I would look to Russia if you want Slavic, Ukraine is very poor country and many ladies are too much risk to be with. Lot’s of prostitutes and the Ukraine ladies give Russian ladies a bad name like on this Eugenia Bespala chick there prime example I read of that you will encounter on

          1. bob praus

            I have given money to this site twice and have been ripped off both times. I think its about time we give these ruskies a taste of their porage. You ass holes

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