Is Anastasiadate a fraud or a scam?

I do not take a stand for or against the Anastasiadate, and if it would be a scam or fraud. I will just tell the facts … it is.

All the facts are based on only my personal experience, the things that I have heard of girls, with what I’ve seen in Ukraine and have seen on various internet sites.

If you have not yet purchased the “credits” you can congratulate yourself, by reading this you can save thousands of dollars. If you have purchased … you might be comforted to hear that you’re not the only one.

Anastasiadate does not pay for girls … but the ladies ‘agencies’ pay. I can’t claim that all agencies would pay, but the girl whom I met in Kiev told me that all the girls will get money from the correspondence. She told that when a customer would pay 100 dollars to the girl gets 100 in local currency (approx. 10%). I am pretty sure that Anastasiadate has denied this in the agreements with the agencies … but accidents might occur …
Which one is easier to believe: Anastasiadate, which wants to tell you that it was just bad luck, or that girl who explained to me for two days how Anastasiadate works…

When I used Anastasiadaten “services”, it happened as follows:
I changed numerous letters with one of the girls. When I believed, I was in love with her, I wanted to call her. Absence of any other alternative, I used Anastasiadate‘s “Call me” -service. The call costed me about 60 USD. A little later, I found out that the girl whose photographs were on profile, was not written me letters nor talked with me on the phone.
The following is a quote from an email, which I got the right girl (Her English language is even worse than mine …sorry):

And  director of this site decided that would be nice if with you talking
 is translater when I work  on my job. I don't know nothing at first, but 
when I found this,  I could not do anything because she said that  will 
write to you. Letters written to you a translater, and chatting with you to she.

That’s just a short quote, but became abundantly clear from the e-mails, that she had not written the letters, chatted with me or talked with me on the phone. When she writes “director of this site”, she does not mean Anastasiadate director, but her agency director. I paid hundreds of dollars to Anastasiadate… Is this a scam or a fraud?

Anastasiadate is by no means the only so called dating site, which uses agencies. Some agencies serve at the same time a number of sites. Another bad example of so called dating site is the Find-bride. When one girl was about to get fired Anastasiadate website, she introduced me to this “better” site. The site is not any better, but this revealed to me that both use the same agency. How do I know this? The girl, who introduced the site to me, was at the same time video chat with me on the both sites. :)

What are these agencies?

The short answer: these are the little helper of the Sites, such as Anastasiadate. These agencies can be found in almost every city in Ukraine. These agencies are the girls’ employers. They are looking for girls job by search sites and by newspaper ads. Example from site

Jobs: Jobs and registration in dating (Zhytomyr, Donetsk, Ukraine)

Job requirements / information about jobs:

We offer language practice and work dating for online chats and correspondence! Without sex! We guarantee a high income and flexible schedule! All you expect creativity, civility, sociability, diligence, your desire to work and earn money!
Communication via the Internet.
You can work from home. What is required of a girl?
1. Age of 18 (with a copy of the front page of the passport).
2. Knowledge of English.
3. The ability to use a computer. Please send your resume via the form ” Send CV “, indicating in the subject line the position for which you are applying (Resume for your job: Working and recording in dating )

And another:


Work: Perervodchik a dating agency (Odessa, Nikolaev)

  • Company:
  • City:
  • Salary:
  • Schedule:
  • Education:
  • Experience:
  • Position:
  • Dream of you
  • Odessa , Nikolaev
  • 8000 UAH
  • telework
  • secondary education
  • no work experience / basic
  • Perervodchik a dating agency






Job requirements / information about jobs:

International dating service “Dream of you” offers you a convenient and quality service. Do you want to safely arrange his personal life? We can help you achieve those desires. You will be able to communicate and meet interesting people from all over the world. Organize a free photo shoot for clients, promotional videos, high-quality translation services. We will help you achieve the desired result
, we also offer work a marriage agency as a translator. We provide:
+ the highest paid in comparison to other agencies
+ flexible working hours
+ stable employment
+ bonus system to encourage the best employees
+ work in a comfortable office in the city center or at home
+ work schedule of 4 hours per day,
you will receive compensation in accordance with amount of work done, the calculation of weekly cash. Automatic accounting system accurately calculates the number of hours worked. You can always find out how much is earned to date.
invite marriage agencies from all cities of Ukraine to cooperate on the program website:
– Anastasia
– Hanuma
– Dream Marriage
– Foreign Affair
– Charming
– Unona
– Natasha Club
General wishes to applicants:
– knowledge English at Level Intermediate
– communication skills
– hard work and willingness to work
Preferring marriage agency «Dream of you», you open new prospects for your future!
If you are interested in cooperation with our agency, please contact us by phone +38093-63- Oksana 100-59 or send resume to make an application . Territorial job: Working at home Please send your resume via the form ” Send CV “, indicating in the subject line the position for which you are applying (Resume for your job: Perervodchik a dating agency )

What do these girls´ employers receive? Below is the offer of Hanuma to the agencies:

Dear Colleagues!

If you would like to participate in our affiliate program, fill in the form

Web-site belongs to the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd. This web-site was created especially for foreign men who wish to find a wife from one of the countries of the Eastern Europe. Posting profiles of your female clients to our web-site you will help your ladies to find a life partner from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Helping your clients you also get a chance to earn money: services of our agency are paid by men and each agency that becomes our affiliate and posts women’s profiles to our web-site gets commission for e-mail forwarding, translation of letters, delivery of photos and gifts, organization of personal tours in their city.

Getting registered in our partnership program you get paid for :
profile registration – you get $0,75-1,25 for every activated profile (your commission for activation depends on quality and quantity of photos uploaded to profile);
correspondence – you get $3,00 – 3,70 for every reply from a lady (commission for replies depends on the time it takes a lady to reply a letter and whether she has a video clip uploaded to her profile), $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
photo-exchange – you get $1,00 for every photo sent by a man to a lady or received by a man from a lady and opened by him;
chats and video-chats – you get 0,25 cent for every second of the chat, 0,50 cents per every second of video-chat when one-way streaming is turned on (when a man watches video-streaming from lady’s web-cam or vice versa), 0,75 cent for every second of video-chat with two video-streams (when both a man and a woman have their web-cams turned on wghile chatting);
organization of conference calls – you get $5 for every conference call with one of your ladies (technical organization and translator are paid by us);
video-clips – you get $0,12-1 each time a man views video of your lady (commission for video clips depend on the quali6ty and length of a video-clip);
gift delivery – you get $5 for every fact of delivery, plus earn on buying gifts;
organization of personal meetings – you get commissions for organizing personal meetings between your ladies and our customers, plus have possibility to earn on delivering interpreter services.

If you want to join our partnership program REGISTER HERE.

Some sites pay by far better … 

Are all Ukrainian dating sites bad?

I can no longer recommend to you a site Elena’s Models. All opinions and reviews on the site are from the period before the reform.

If you want to know why it is better than Anastasiadate read: Are all Ukrainian dating sites bad?

My personal opinion just cheat.


11 thoughts on “Is Anastasiadate a fraud or a scam?

  1. Chaos

    Thanks for sharing the experience, this is really helpful, authough I just registered on the Anastasiadate site. I will not purchase any credit for it, but it makes me feel good to see so many female to contact me by sending letter, that seems like I am nearly become sombody.

  2. Dan

    Very good for you in meeting your lady outside of adate ! The lady who you talked to from the site mostlikey new English very well. The translator is just another one of the dating site schemes! Paying for translation and they both split the money. The reason why she didn’t hold hands or made you wonder if she liked you is she was not single. She very much could have been married! Saw and hear of this many times. While I am in Ukraine I see U.S. wallets and I ask them what their travel is for. When I hear they are there for adate! I try to enlighten them. I just hope more men realize this and read of these post. Yes, is a good site! But men and the ladies still should head caution. Best wishes!

  3. Steve fone

    Wow. The swine dear.
    I spent a lot of money on that site talking to one lady who was then 49 and I was 61 back in may 2014. Our chats were long every night which you have to buy credits for and letters. The whole site is a money pit, but I did meet her in Odessa where she lived. I booked my own flight and apartment which saved me a fortune than booking through Anastasia. The woman I talked to on site was loving and said all the right words and claimed she could speak some English. When I got to Odessa airport, she and an translator were waiting for me. Nice I thought. Turns out she could just about say hello. She had taken the week off but her boss wanted her to go back to work for most of the day, so I sat in my apartment until 4.30pm every day until she turned up with the translator. She would not hold hands or anything like that, in fact, this loving lady who I had been chatting to for three months was nothing like the lady I was meeting. I asked the translator if she liked me and she said yes, very much so, but she is old fashioned in her ways, not the lady I was talking to on Anastasia by any means. The last night I was there, we went to a club and we did have a close dance, but that was it, not even a kiss on the cheek. I have written my story else where on this site, but I did make very good friends with the translator and we still talk until this day. The story’s are true, the woman get paid, that’s why they try to keep you chatting a long time and as soon as I got back, I chatted to the lady on email, but I found her on Anastasia and when I asked why she was still on there, her excuse was, I was waiting for you my love. Bull shit. She was still chatting and answering letters to make her money, but talking to me on email. In the end, it didn’t work out as she had problems, so I finished it and finished with Anastasia. I put it down to a bad experience in which I lost lots of money for nothing. But if you look at most of these Russian dating sites, they all use the same pay for credits for every thing. A total rip off.
    P. S
    I now have a Russian girlfriend who came to see me. We are in love and she wants to move here permanent with me. Where did we meet. On a totally free dating site call FDating.

    1. Diana

      Same story, as with me and my South African husband with whom I am living for 5yrs and looking forward to spending 10times as many. We met on absolute free of charge dating site called *********.** by sheer accident. I didn’t look for love, marriage or even worse, sponsorship or a ticket to better life, only wanted to improve my English by speaking to someone for whom it is their mother tongue. Also these folk allow you to exchange your contact info, unlike those swines from Anastasia. Honestly I hate their set up and the likes, because they make our women look bad, like expensive prostitutes and gold hunters. They give naive foreigners false ideas that in Russia we are suffering to such extent that it makes us forget about pride and dignity or that we are ready to trap ourselves in loveless relationship with an old bag of money. I wonder, if there’s no legal means to close down this whore house? So many guys were taken for a ride but Anastasia seem not to give a flying shit and continue sort of they are as innocent as a newborn baby.

      1. Clem

        Yes, there are legal ways to stop these scam dating sites. AnastasiaDate has offices in New York and Moscow with its server in a 11 million dollar building on Long Island. AnasatiaDate (AD) states, through the women’s videos and on the website, that their women are only listed on their site. They know these women are also on many competing sites (I told them to make sure). That statement constitutes fraud. But unfortunately, the authorities don’t want to be bothered. (yes, I talked to them too.)
        I did do one thing that worked for me with some one who was doing a number on me. I found her profile on social sites such as VK and I joined VK and added a few pics . Then I got about 20 screen captures of this woman’s profiles, and activity in the many scam dating sites. I added these screen captures to an album on my VK page. I then changed my profile pic to a photo of her and visited her page at VK. At her page, I sent friend requests to all of her friends. I suddenly had many visitors to my VK page. Within 2 days, she was not on any dating sites. This is somewhat time consuming, but if enough people did this, women would start leaving these dating sites. AD has about 31,000 women listed with about 28,000 of them from Ukraine. I would think that if 20% of these women (the most active) leave these sites, the sites will go down due not enough income to cover costs. Here are some tips if anyone else is interested:
        1 Use ” ” for searches. It gives much better results than “”
        2 Search websites such as , , etc. to find the profile of the woman that may be scamming you. I just search the city and women the same listed age. If you don’t find her on a social site, consider her a fake at the dating sites. Don’t plan on setting up many phony accounts on these social sites, they use a verification process that prevents that.
        3 When I did this, some of her online friends tried playing “Dick Tracy” with me,so use your acct at these social sites for just the purpose intended.

  4. Dan

    No way a 26 year old would be serious about a 67 year old. Yes a 20 to 25 year maximum age difference. Just proof of how the ladies, sorry the bots at the site mislead men. She made good money from your husband. Electronic affection! It is the adate way! Sorry to see how he was caught up in the most terrible dating sites this world has.

    1. Pat

      Well Dan – I wonder how many men paid her for a passport and visa ? My stupid husband being one of them. He also gave her money, gifts and wined and dined her. The last skype chat I read, she was going to find them a flat for the week he was there. He has returned there now but says hes not meeting her and its finished. Its not the site thats a scam, its the girls !!! I honestly feel I can never trust him again and its going to be very difficult to take him back, if ever.
      Good luck Steve. I hope it works out for you.

  5. Keneth is affliated with the sites above as well. Everything you say is true. I basically go there to surf now and do not spend money. It’s a very elaborate fraud or scam whatever you want to call it that is legal and unregulated. Basically the site and the women are here to earn money not to meet or be in a relationship with you. If you look closely most of the women are older than there pictures on Amolatina and If you look at all the pictures you almost always see an outlier pic thats 5-10 years older than the profile picture. The Asian women are ugly without the makeup the agency has given them,but they take advantage of men’s impulses to have a beautiful woman. I read all the reviews and took the advice and did not fall for the tricks they played to get your money. If you want a asian woman your best bet is a filipina they already speak english and more attractive than chinese women anyway. As far as Russian women who in their right mind would go there right now with all the wars and instability. As far as Latiin women if you are american costa rican and brazilian women are my favorite. The money you will spend talking on these fake sites you can take a flight there and back and actually meet some attractive women I plan on traveling to the Philippines this spring to meet a filipina i have talked to online for two years now that’s real. I met her through a great website. Finally don’t be an idiot guys, you have heard it here.

  6. Aaron Price

    Just wanted to say thanks for your site. Opened my eyes. I have been on anastasiadate for six months. I actually had a trip planned to see a girl from the site and have now cancelled my plans. I’m out a plane ticket but will save all the money for a hotel, passport, and all the other expenses I would have had if I would have gone. I found the girls profile on your list of women with anastasiadate and vk accounts. I obtained a vk account and sent a message to the girl I was talking to. She replied saying she would communicate using only anastasiadate. I spent a lot of money on anastasiadate. It’s hard to believe I was deceived in such a cruel way. To be honest it hurts. But oh well. It’s time to slap my face and wake up. Life does go on. One thing is for sure. I will no longer be using anastasiadate. Thanks agIn for your site. It helped put an end to my confusion. I have been wrestling back and forth in my mind for months. I have been constantly wondering if I was being deceived. This site helped me see that I was.
    Thanks again.

    1. Pat

      My husband pf 42 years has been caught up with this site for 5 and a half years. Incredible to believe but true. I have now kicked him out. He has spent all our savings and more on some 26 year old girl. He has sent her money for a passport and visa plus plus plus. He says he needs to see her one more time to clear his head !!! Out you go :( He will not stop until he has prooved its a scam …why !!! I have seen some of his chats with her and its not just words as he keeps telling me, its real. They have met…twice. I have seen a bag of jewellery he bought her and the perfume etc etc. Does a 26 year old have any interest in a 67 year old !! Who is the dumb one here !! What makes you think its a scam, I would love to know. Thanx for sharing.


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